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"Dream of grape snails"

canvas, UV-paints, texture gel, varnish, custom size
(original size 50x70 cm)
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Location: Saint-Petersburg

This painting is a result of subconscious inexplicable movements of Soul and a desire to express the stillness and peacefulness, harmony and slowness. It is made in muted-colored and noble tones of greenery and purple. This is a combination of colors of nature with the richness. Grape always symbolized wealth, generosity and profusion. Plenty of snails, slow and leisurely, invite us to stay in this moment and perceive the time. The snail is a mysterious creature, its’ shell keeps the code of the Universe and the formula of harmony. Looks like the painting glows with the moon light, which miraculously shows things, hidden from our eyes. Romance and tenderness, concealed in the vine and leaves, reveal the relationships between man and woman to us.
The painting is made in an old Dutch technique – smooth painting. Multi-layered painting allows to express accurately all half-tones and shades, details and images. In various lighting conditions colors are perceived differently. In the lamp illumination or in candle flames they become almost alive, reveal their character and start to play their part.(without correction)


Сон о виноградных улитках. Репродукция
Picture "Dream of grape snails"
Execution: canvas, UV-paints, texture gel, varnish, custom size
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