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Victor Bregeda. Transfiguration

Surrealism of Victor Bregeda

Victor Bregeda was surrounded with creative atmosphere from his early childhood.  His mother was a calligraphist, his grandfather - a painter-copyist, his uncle –V.Bregeda.jpg a books illustrator. In such an environment, Victor had many people around him who helped to learn and master different techniques of artist’s craft. After finishing a high school and serving in the army, Victor entered the Krupskaya University of Arts. “At that time I was passionate about posters, fonts and ornaments and studied these themes really hard. I didn’t finish the university and started painting myself, getting off-system education, going my own way. Names like Leonardo da Vinci, A. Dürer, G. Dore, I. Bosch, J. Archimboldo, I. Vereshchagin, N. Roerich were very dear to me, so I consider them my teachers and ideological inspirers. In the process of practical work, I discovered a painting technique which is called “glazing” (smooth painting). I still use it in such the directions of fine art as surrealism and metarealism. It does not make sense to interpret these styles rationally, you could only feel it on a subconscious level. Creating some kind of a sacrament in paintings is the main idea of my art.”

The first personal exhibition took place in Victor’s hometown – Taganrog in 1996 and became a success. Then there were annual exhibitions in Russia, including five personal exhibitions in A. P. Chekhov Central City Public Library in Taganrog (1994, 1995, 2007, 2008, 2013). Since 2002 Victor has collaborated with American gallery «Sargent's Fine Art & Jewelry». , based on the Hawaiian island Maui. A constant exhibition is placed there, now. Twice a year Victor is invited by the gallery to take part in an art-show on Maui. The first exhibition there was a great success. After this, artist’s paintings started gaining the world prominence.

There were exhibitions in New-York, Miami and Atlanta. Among the collectors of Bregeda’s art there are many world-famous names: boxer Oscar De La Hoya, musicians Carlos Santana, Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow, «Pink Floyd», John Tesh, actors Burt Reynolds and Connie Sellecca. The Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, Texas picked up Bregeda’s “Leaving Eden” and “Noah's Ark” for the constant exhibitions.

Artist’s paintings have been represented in the following American galleries:
* R.Alexander Gallery, Norcross, Georgia
* Griffin Gallery, Edina, Minnesota
* Art Fusion Galleries, Miami, Florida
* Thornwood Gallery, Houston, Texas
* Fascination St. Art Gallery, Denver, Colorado
* Art Center Gallery, Westminster, California
* Gallery «CHAL FARM», New Mexico
Many paintings are in personal collections in Russia, The USA, Canada and other countries.

The painting “Visions” was displayed in the gallery “Sargent's Fine Art” for $45,000 in 2004 and was sold (with some bargaining) for $43,000 almost immediately. The buyer wished to stay unknown. For today, it is the most expensive sold Bregeda’s painting.
At the international Internet-contest for painters “Vernissage 2011”, directed by web-site, artist’s painting “The Shore” was said to be the best and won the prize “Sympathy”.
Victor Bregeda is in Russian Artists Rating. His category is 4B - an established professional artist, who is in demand in the art market.
Bregeda’s art is represented in the book “Vision of a sacrament. Mysterious paintings in the past and present” by A. Kalinin (2011).
Nowadays, magazines “Cultural science”, “The art of painting”, “Livejournal”, a lot of Internet blogs and groups discuss Victor Bregeda’s art.

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      Those who know Victor Bregeda’s artistic works call him the Modern or Russian Salvador Dali. Unlike his famous predecessor and the most prominent representative of the pictorial art style known as surrealism, Victor Bregeda creates works that arouse only positive emotions. Instead of strong, bitter feelings of loneliness and despair they radiate kindness and philosophical tranquility. His works of art engross you; you dive into them entirely and literally travel through the looking glass to the wonderland painted on this very canvas, happily viewing everything around you, noticing new details and trying to solve the riddles the artist has left for you. Due to the special technique of painting and the master's impeccable performance, colors come to life in the artificial illumination. This is another aspect of the painter’s zest. The objects in the painting become deeper, more vivid and colorful, images are flooded with inner light and warmth—they grow much closer and also more mysterious…
It is quite simple to buy a painting by Victor Bregeda - you just need to click on the image of the artwork you have chosen, proceed to the detailed preview, and then to the tab "place an order". Complete all the necessary fields there, send the order, and after that we will contact you and negotiate the details of the purchase.

A dream about grape snails

canvas, oil
Размеры (ВхШ), см: 50 х 70
Цена: $13,800
In stock
Местонахождение: Saint-Petersburg

The fragrance of silence in the third day of the Moon

canvas, oil
Размеры (ВхШ), см: 60 х 80
Цена: $7,800
In stock
Местонахождение: Saint-Petersburg


canvas, oil
Размеры (ВхШ), см: 60 х 80
Цена: $9,700
In stock
Местонахождение: Saint-Petersburg

Giclee on canvas

     Why are our reproductions more expensive than those offered by sites that specialize in making art prints?
To be clear, we aren’t talking about inexpensive glass posters of the works of famous Russian artists like Shishkin, Repin or Ivan Kramskoy, which date back to “Soyuzpechat’” time. We are talking about large-format modern reproduction canvas prints. Now then:

1. The artist. If you place a reproduction of a Matisse, van Gogh or Dali in your apartment or office, no one will think that it is original, even if the reproduction is exquisitely framed, boasts excellent quality, including subsequent varnishing, modeling gel, etc., and may not really differ from the original piece. In this case the closer the reproduction is to the original, the more likely others will think the owner is trying to pass it off as the real thing. Obviously, the owner will not gain any respect in this case. We offer reproductions of the paintings of the talented Russian artist Victor Bregeda, who is less known in our country, but is extremely popular in the USA. Victor has a permanent personal exhibition in Hawaii; and a number of celebrities have purchased his artwork.

2. File quality for printing. To get a good, high-quality reproduction, you must have the correct source for printing. Who can provide a file of masterpieces from around the world with the required resolution? Perhaps a museum, in which one or more works of art are kept, but by no means a company which specializes in printing reproductions. We use a highly professional, new generation Cruse flatbed scanner, which is the same equipment the world's leading museums use to digitize their inventory. By starting with the original paintings, we can achieve the highest quality. The resolution allows us to print a picture on canvas up to 70 square meters without noticeable pixels.

3. Printing. Reproductions are printed on the most advanced Durst printing equipment, which allows us to take advantage of the superior quality of the scanned artwork. On a computer screen, the same colors in a picture may appear differently depending on the monitor settings. Similarly, each printer has individual settings. Therefore, to ensure that the colors, halftones, and saturation do not differ from the original, color proofs are made prior to printing. The files are processed, printed, settings are modified, they are reprinted, and the process continues until the reproduction is an exact copy of what the artist painted. It goes without saying that companies that offer tens of thousands of options are not concerned with these key details.

4. Expendable materials. Canvases can be cotton, linen or synthetic. A cotton canvas is cheaper, softer and more absorbent. It is more susceptible to external influences, and eventually may start to sag. In addition to the country of origin (there is also a Chinese canvas), you should pay attention to its density. The smaller the details are that you need to print, the denser the canvas is required. Needless to say, with our attention to scanning and printing, we will not skimp on the basics. We use only high-density linen canvases for our reproductions. Their only drawback is their high price.
The next factor we should mention is ink. Here’s a quick review of the main considerations. The vast majority of advertising companies that specialize in large-format printing use solvent inks. Not all of them inform their clients that such inks should only be used for outdoor advertising because one of their components contains cyclohexanone – a substance that can be dangerous to humans. A reproduction printed with these inks, even if it has been varnished afterwards, will slowly and steadily affect the health of everyone nearby. A newer alternative are eco-solvent inks. They do not contain harmful ingredients, but they also have less surface activity and therefore don't penetrate a canvas; instead they kind of stick to it. Because of this the coat of paint can be easily damaged by physical contact.
Water-soluble and pigment inks are eco-friendly, cheap to produce and use, but have low resistance to environmental factors. They are very susceptible to exposure to moisture, dust and light. UV curable inks, which we use in printing reproductions, are unrivaled for their resistance, are absolutely safe, provide the highest quality, and help to achieve deep, vivid colors. The only disadvantage of this technology is its high price, explained by the usage of expensive equipment and expendable materials (the inks).

5. Final preparation. After printing, each reproduction is hand-varnished with a special composition (based on varnish and all necessary admixtures). This process allows us to match the original exactly. Even experts are not able to tell if the picture is the original or a reproduction without closer examination and special equipment.

Thus, our price is the perfect aesthetic: an exact replica, safe and long-lasting. Years and even decades will pass and our reproduction will continue to look as exquisite and respectable as the day it was made. The only difference from the original oil painting is its museum value.

The choice is yours.

A reproduction, and in this case a copy of a painting, is the ideal solution for your interior design plan since it can be customized and made to any size in a relatively short time. When framed it looks like a familiar painting, yet it is much cheaper than the original.

The reproduction cost is dependent on the size of the final product; to determine the price you need to enlarge the reproduction and click on the “sizes, cost” section. Please, note that only the size of a canvas with a picture on it is included in the price calculations (without a frame and a subframe).

"Bird crane in the sky"

canvas, UV-paints, texture gel, varnish, custom size
(original size 60x80 cm)
In stock
Местонахождение: Saint-Petersburg


canvas, UV-paints, texture gel, varnish, custom size
(original size 60x80 cm)
In stock
Местонахождение: Saint-Petersburg

"Dream of grape snails"

canvas, UV-paints, texture gel, varnish, custom size
(original size 50x70 cm)
In stock
Местонахождение: Saint-Petersburg


This section is intended for posting videos related to the life, activities and works of the artist Victor Bregeda. Here you can view slideshows of paintings set to music by various authors, see details of the creation of some works, and get acquainted with the moments of the author's personal and social life.