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Evening of the 16th day

oil, canvas
Sizes (HхW ): 50 х 70 cm

A beautiful state of love and tenderness characterizes the 16th day of the lunar cycle. On this day it feels like love has been poured all around you. It fills your heart and soul. This day is good for travelling and the slow contemplation of nature. Silence and peace are given to us by heavens.

The order is carried from 3 weeks to 1 month, depending on the complexity + shipping time. Technically it is done in the following way: after making a request you receive our approval and make a down payment (25% of the total price), after which the artist proceeds to work. When the painting is completed, we send a photo of the art work (front and back) which contains the title of the work, date of completion, and the artist’s signature. After receiving the remaining sum, we ship the painting to the address you have provided us. Please note that the cost of the frame is not included in the price.


Evening of the 16th day of Victor Bregeda
Picture "Evening of the 16th day"
Execution: oil, canvas
Sizes (HхW): x cm
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