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A crane in the sky

canvas, oil
Sizes (HхW ): 60 х 80 cm
Price : $8,600
In stock
Location: Saint-Petersburg

The painting "Crane in the sky" symbolizes our childhood dream. As children, we imagine that our toys are real and big. And, certainly, we dream of a crane, not a tit. After having grown up we strive to make our dream come true! The sunny picture is filled with joy, hope, dreams, and space. And, of course, we all are under the protection of our great Creator. He watches, helps, directs and protects us throughout the course of our life.

The picture is painted in a single, exclusive version (which is confirmed by the certificate of the artwork) and won't be repeated again.
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A crane in the sky of Victor Bregeda
Picture "A crane in the sky"
Execution: canvas, oil
Sizes (HхW): 60 х 80 cm
Cost: $8,600
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