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oil, canvas
Sizes (HхW ): 60 х 60 cm
Price : $13,195
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Location: Saint Petersburg

Our planet, our only common home, is getting closer to the edge of the abyss. It is sad that humanity thoughtlessly destroys its world instead of gratefully preserving and multiplying what the Creator has created. I remember the words from the song of BG (Boris Grebenshchikov) "This train is on fire and we have nowhere else to run...".
It's time for a change... Paradoxically, we all can and should now think about what this time is for. Instead of fuss and panic, turn to God in prayer, thank him for everything in your life, ask for forgiveness, and wash your soul with tears. It is not too late to change everything, but to do this, each of us must stop, try to understand, and rethink...

The picture is painted in a single, exclusive version and won't be repeated again.
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Savior of Victor Bregeda
Picture "Savior"
Execution: oil, canvas
Sizes (HхW): 60 х 60 cm
Cost: $13,195
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