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Waiting for a miracle

canvas, oil
Sizes (HхW ): 40 х 50 cm
Price : $4,570
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Location: Saint-Petersburg

We all like children, believe in a miracle, waiting for it, hoping, sometimes not even noticing what is right there, next to us. All it takes is to look around closely, to see the signs of fate which leads us by the hand to the fulfillment of our dreams. And, you can also become a wizard yourself and create miracles in everyday life, delighting yourself and others, without forgetting, however, that the feeling of wonder instantly dissolves, disappears when you start to perceive it as ordinary.

The picture is painted in a single, exclusive version (which is confirmed by the certificate of the artwork) and won't be repeated again.
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Waiting for a miracle of Victor Bregeda
Picture "Waiting for a miracle"
Execution: canvas, oil
Sizes (HхW): 40 х 50 cm
Cost: $4,570
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