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The road to heaven

oil, canvas
Sizes (HхW ): 51 х 61 cm
Price : $8,500
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Location: Saint Petersburg

The road to Heaven... The road to the clouds... These phrases touch upon our imagination, they initiate fantasies, draw pictures. If we whisper them contemplatively, our fantasies will set us out on our mental journey along this road. What images will each of us see on the way? Probably something personal, innermost, intimate, some archetypes originated in our childhood from fairy tales, adventures and fantasies. On the way we can philosophize, discover and comprehend something. The road to the eternity...

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The road to heaven of Victor Bregeda
Picture "The road to heaven"
Execution: oil, canvas
Sizes (HхW): 51 х 61 cm
Cost: $8,500
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