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Taste of victory

canvas, oil
Sizes (HхW ): 30 х 40 cm
Price : $3,550

Victory in a duel. Chess rules are similar to the philosophy of life. As long as the world exists, there is the desire to win. The taste of victory resembles a noble aged wine – it makes you light-headed and gives pleasure.
About the symbols: the symbol of the duality of the world is a chessboard and eternal confrontation. The apple symbolizes a reward to the winner. The elephant represents wisdom, without which victory is impossible. In the painting the elephant and the knights are like pieces on the chessboard that we are contemplating after the game is over...

The picture is painted in a single, exclusive version (which is confirmed by the certificate of the artwork) and won't be repeated again.

Вкус победы.jpg


Picture "Taste of victory"
Execution: canvas, oil
Sizes (HхW): 30 х 40 cm
Cost: $3,550
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