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The fragrance of silence in the third day of the Moon

canvas, oil
Sizes (HхW ): 60 х 80 cm
Price : $7,800
In stock
Location: Saint-Petersburg

“The fragrance of silence” is an illogical combination of concepts which is common in the world of surrealism. The silence we enjoy can be associated with calm water, the silent movement of a snail and the contemplation of natural beauty. It’s the state of immersion in meditation, when the mind processes pause and we experience inner peace serenity. The painting is filled with symbols of silence, pleasure and peace. Key words: crystal air, the young moon (new hopes), rare state between sunset and moonrise. At such moments true silence filled with fragrance comes.

The picture is painted in a single, exclusive version (which is confirmed by the certificate of the artwork) and won't be repeated again.
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Picture "The fragrance of silence in the third day of the Moon"
Execution: canvas, oil
Sizes (HхW): 60 х 80 cm
Cost: $7,800
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